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Château Perché Festival [ Ravel ]

Château Perché Festival [ Ravel ]
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Château de Ravel, Ravel (63)
Du 13/08/2016 à 14:00
Au 15/08/2016 à 14:00
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We got it. Under the thunder-like noise of hords of beat thirsty ravers, Château Perché will rise again like the Phoenix. A three-day rise. Faithful to our values, we keep levelling up and we bring you a new and longer experience. The royal estate of Ravel opens its gates to you on August 13-14-15 for a three-day interdisciplinary festival.

Postmodern carnival or surrealist rave. Enigmatic dances in a magmatic universe, artistic performances, charismatic minstrels, and of course the best of electronic music from Berlin and elsewhere, over three days for maximum enjoyment. Deep House so deep it will take you to the earth’s core. House so fast your shoes will smoke. Techno so brutal it will make the Funktion 1 explode. This summer will be a hot one at Château Perché.

People of Château Perché, unleash the fire burning inside you. There will be no good or evil, no ugly or beautiful, no ridicule, no misunderstood, no awkward. Just follow your instinct. Come over and warm up your hearts in the volcanic region of Auvergne. The castle of Ravel, 30 minutes away from Clermont-Ferrand, will be yours for three days.
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Château Perché Festival [ Ravel ]Du 13/08/2016 à 14:00 au 15/08/2016 à 14:00Château de Ravel / Ravel (63)
Château de RavelChâteau de Ravel
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